Indiecast Reviews New Albums By Charli XCX And Good Looks


After a brief Sportscast on the media meltdown over Caitlin Clark’s early stint in the WNBA, Steven and Ian have perhaps the least likely conversation in Indiecast history about Ian going to a Sarah McLachlan concert (!) and seeing a fight almost break out (!!). They also talk about Steven’s upcoming book event on June 11 at Book Soup in LA that Ian is hosting.

From there, they talk about the new album from Texas band Good Looks, Lived Here For A While, which is one of 2024’s best indie rock records along with being one of the easiest to root for. They also talk about Brat, the new album by Charli XCX, as well as a larger conversation about how “indie pop” became known as “middle class pop.” Finally, they conclude with a discussion of The Killers’ Hot Fuss, which turns 20 this week.

In Recommendation Corner, Ian talks up the emo band Southtowne Lanes while Steven recommends the Indianapolis band Everything, Now!.

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