Indiecast Talks New Albums By Jessica Pratt And Mdou Moctar


Steven and Ian begin today’s episode by catching up with “Euphoria,” the diss track that Kendrick Lamar unleashed on Drake this week. Did Kendrick really confuse The Sixth Sense star Haley Joel Osment with Texas televangelist Joel Osteen? Looks like it! They also check in with the buzzy Sabrina Carpenter pop hit “Espresso,” which has signaled the annual (tiresome) conversation about the song of the summer.

Then they transition to a conversation about Local Natives, the LA band who recently lost one of their founding members. Steven and Ian recap the group’s career and comment on the enduring popularity of early 2010s indie stars. From there, they discuss three artists who Steven’s Fantasy Albums team — Jessica Pratt, Mdou Moctar, and Kamasi Washington — who put out new albums today.

In the mailbag, they give the yay-or-nay treatment to Amen Dunes, and also engage in more Lake Mendota/Hovvdy talk.

For Recommendation Corner, Ian talks up the Swedish band Rain Recordings while Steven catches with the British group English Teacher.

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