Ja Rule Challenges 50 Cent To A Hit Battle

Boiling off the battle fever, Ja Rule stepped up to challenge his old pal 50 Cent to an old-fashioned battle of the hits.

Old habits die hard, and 's ceaseless desire to go at his old rival is no exception. Even today, the pair of enemies have kept their feud alive, the fires of hatred burning as bright as ever, unaffected by the passage of years upon years. And while the infamous beef did lead to , much of it was kept on wax, leading fans to ultimately declare Fif the winner following the arrival of his Shady/Aftermath reinforcements. Clearly, the sting of defeat has yet to fade from Ja Rule, who looked to tip the scales in his favor with a new challenge for his old pal.

Ja Rule Challenges 50 Cent To A Hit Battle

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During a recent IG Live conversation between and , Ja rang in to pitch the prospect of a hit-for-hit battle against 50 Cent. "He loves hip-hop first and foremost," laughs Joe, outlining Rule's intention to the Verzuz co-founder. "He wants to do this for the culture. Jesus Christ, Rule, you guys want the smoke for real. Swizz responds with a cryptic message to Rule: "just get me the twenty." 

Joe proceeds to put Rule on speakerphone, and the Murder Inc rapper voices his desire to see this one through. "I'll behave!" he promises, though Swizz is unconvinced. "That sounds like a devilish behave," he muses, his suspicions no doubt fuelled by Ja's ominous cackle. In fairness, Joe seems to think the match-up would break the internet, prompting Ja to boast about the strength of his catalog. "We know the catalog," replies Swizz. "We just want to make sure the intentions is where they need to be."

While Swizz's concerns are valid, the prospect of seeing 50 Cent and Ja Rule facing off in a battle of hits would certainly make for an interesting moment - especially if they find themselves able to put aside their differences after years of heated animosity. What do you think -- should Swizz Beatz make this happen?

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