Jadakiss names the top 5 voices in rap history, and 5 newer great lyricists25 Early 2000s Rap Albums That Hold Up Today

The self-proclaimed "top 5 dead or alive" Jadakiss has been asked about who else in his top 5 many times throughout this year, but putting a slight variation on the familiar theme, he appeared on UPROXX's show Fresh Pair and was asked who he thinks have the best voices in hip hop, and he said Guru, Method Man, The Notorious B.I.G., Tone-Loc, and Nas.

"I think Guru, rest in peace. [Method Man], you know when the [Wu-Tang Clan] came Meth’s voice was deep and raspy and just he has an ill voice," Jada said. "Big, with the nasal. Sounds like he’s having a hard time breathing but that’s making his cadence extra crazy. Tone-Loc, Tone-Loc’s voice was ill. Nas, with the nasal. That’s voices! So don’t get mad at me."

HipHopDX points out that Jadakiss was also recently on Jazzy's World TV and was asked if anyone in the current rap game can lyrically keep up with him, and he replied: "I think there’s a couple new lyrical kings. Drake, J. Cole, I like Cordae, Kendrick, there’s a few monsters out there. Lil Baby. So yeah, the game is in good shape."

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25 Early 2000s Rap Albums That Hold Up Today