Jamie xx Finally Announced ‘In Waves,’ His Long-Awaited Second Album, And Its Release Date

Jamie xx released his last solo album, In Colour, nearly ten years ago, in 2015. Today, he shared some good news with long-suffering fans who’ve been waiting for a follow-up all that time: The wait is nearly over.

On September 20th, Jamie xx will release his third studio album, In Waves, via Young. Featuring 12 tracks, including the recently released “Baddy On The Floor,” the album will feature collaborations with a diverse array of artists from across multiple genres and disciplines. Honey Dijon, John Glacier, Kelsey Lu, Oona Doherty, Panda Bear, and Robyn will all appear on In Waves, as will Jamie’s The xx bandmates Romy and Oliver Sim.

According to the press release announcing the album, Jamie created In Waves over the course of four years, during which he picked up surfing — a likely inspiration for the title along with its stop-and-start creation process. He’s also been working on a new project for The xx, contributing to the odd rhythm of In Waves‘ creation.

He also says of the project, “It’s been a while… and a lot has happened in that time. Ups and downs, growing up, figuring stuff out and then forgetting it all many times over. Life-changing events and world changing events. These waves that we have all experienced together and alone. I wanted to make something fun, joyful and introspective all at once. The best moments on a dance floor are usually that for me. I can’t wait to share it with you.”

In Waves is due 9/20 via Young. You can find more info here and see the tracklist below.

Jamie xx


1. “Wanna”
2. “Treat Each Other Right”
3. “Waited All Night” Feat. Romy & Oliver Sim
4. “Baddy On The Floor” Feat. Honey Dijon
5. “Dafodil” Feat. Kelsey Lu, John Glacier & Panda Bear
6. “Still Summer”
7. “Life” Feat. Robyn
8. “The Feeling I Get From You”
9. “Breather”
10. “All You Children” Feat. The Avalanches
11. “Every Single Weekend” (Interlude)
12. “Falling Together” Feat. Oona Doherty

Deluxe LP Bonus 12” Package

1. “F U” Feat. Erykah Badu
2. “It’s So Good”
3. “Do Something”
4. “Let’s Do It Again”
5. “Kill Dem”