Jarvis Cocker announces memoir, ‘Good Pop Bad Pop’

Jarvis Cocker has written a memoir titled Good Pop Bad Pop that will be out May 26, 2022. Technically he calls it "an inventory," not a memoir, but one thing's for sure: it's a book. Jarvis also says "It's not a life story, it's a loft story," with the book's conceit being that while cleaning out his loft he comes across all sorts of objects that inspire memories of key moments from his life:

From a Gold Star polycotton shirt to a pack of Wrigley's Extra, from his teenage attempts to write songs to the Sexy Laughs Fantastic Dirty Joke Book, this is the hard evidence of Jarvis's unique life, Pulp, 20th century pop culture, the good times and the mistakes he'd rather forget. And this accumulated debris of a lifetime reveals his creative process - writing and musicianship, performance and ambition, style and stagecraft.

In other news, Jarvis' band, JARV IS..., just started their UK tour and their sets have featured most of last year's great Beyond the Pale, a few JC solo songs ("Fat Children," "Running the World"), some Pulp deep cuts ("She's a Lady," "My Legendary Girlfriend"), songs from his just-released French covers album, and more. You can check out setlist and video from Liverpool's Invisible Wind Factory below. No word on North American dates yet, though.

JARV IS... are also releasing a remix album later this month featuring Hot Chip, David Holmes, Dennis Bovell, and more.

She's a Lady
House Music All Night Long
Slow Jam
Fat Children
Sometimes I Am Pharoah
Am I Missing Something?
Big Julie
Swanky Modes
Cunts Are Still Running the World
Must I Evolve?

Children of the Echo
"Further Complications."
Aline (Christophe)