Jersey club rapper Bandmanrill releases debut project ‘Club Godfather’ (listen)

Newark rapper Bandmanrill and his producer Mcvertt have pushed their way to the forefront of Jersey club-rap off the strength of a handful of singles over the past couple years, and Bandmanrill's drill-inspired delivery puts a twist on the genre that's very of-the-moment and very appealing. Today, he followed up those singles with his first full-length, Club Godfather, entirely produced by Mcvertt, and it makes very good on the promise of his early singles and fast-growing hype. It's a lean 13 songs in under a half hour, including a handful of his previously-released singles along with entirely new tracks, and it features NLE Choppa, skaiwater, Sha Ek, Lay Bankz, and DJ Swill B. It's a fun, fast-paced project, and Bandmanrill has all the commanding confidence needed to get away with calling your first project Club Godfather. Check it out below.