Jimmy Eat World return with atmospheric slow-burner “Place Your Debts”

Jimmy Eat World recently churned out a Bleed American-style banger with "Something Loud," and now they've followed it with "Place Your Debts," an atmospheric slow-burner more in the vein of Clarity or the deeper cuts on Futures. Some of Jimmy Eat World's best songs are in this mode, and it's always great to hear them doing more of this kinda stuff, especially when it's as instantly great as "Place Your Debts." Listen and watch the video (shot, directed by, and starring Jimmy Eat World's own Jim Adkins during the band's recent tour) below.

The song was co-written with Clark Baechle (The Faint) and Denver Dalley (Desaparecidos), and Jim says, "The ‘debt’ you rack up is the time you spend avoiding doing the work to know yourself. You buy an ending every time you start something, and the cost is determined by how closely you pay attention to your personal condition."

"It’s a series of many, many edits of me singing to the camera," he added about the video. "While every shot is different in terms of background, I’m framed with as close to the same composition in every one. It is a concept you can’t really scout for. You have to just be aware and be looking for interesting locations all the time."

Jimmy Eat World are playing When We Were Young this weekend and a few other shows/fests. All dates are listed below.

Jimmy Eat World

Jimmy Eat World -- 2022 Tour Dates
22 – When We Were Young, Las Vegas, NV
23 – When We Were Young, Las Vegas, NV
28 – Federal Theatre, Phoenix, AZ
29 – When We Were Young, Las Vegas, NV

3 – Audacy Beach Festival, Fort Lauderdale, FL
7 – DC101-derland, Washington, D.C.
8 – ALT 104.5 Friendsgiving, Philadelphia, PA