Joey Ramone estate sells his music publishing for $10 million

The estate of late Ramones frontman Joey Ramone has sold his music publishing for $10 million. Rolling Stone reports that the deal is part of a much larger $2 billion partnership between independent publisher Primary Wave Music and investment company Brookfield Asset Management.

“I’m happy to welcome Primary Wave as partners in my brother’s interests in Ramones,” Joey Ramone’s brother Mitchel Hyman (aka Mickey Leigh) said in a statement. “I’m thoroughly convinced of their eagerness to perpetuate his legacy, and their sincerity about doing it in a way that will never compromise his credibility. I, very much, am looking forward to working with them.”

Born Jeffrey Ross Hyman in Queens, Joey Ramone co-wrote some of Ramones' best-known songs -- “I Wanna Be Sedated,” “Judy Is a Punk,” “Beat on the Brat,” ""Do You Remember Rock 'n' Roll Radio?" and “Rock n’ Roll High School” among them -- and also released two solo albums.

Joey Ramone died April 15, 2001, just a month shy of his 50th birthday.

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