K-pop boyband ALL(H)OURS return with powerful music video for ‘Shock’

Rookie K-pop boyband ALL(H)OURS have released their sophomore mini-album ‘Witness’, led by the single ‘Shock’.

In the music video for ‘Shock’, ALL(H)OURS perform powerful choreography on a neon-lit set that resembles a traditional Korean place. Meanwhile, the mini-album ‘Witness’ also features the song ‘Blah Blah’, which was written by the group.

In a press statement, ALL(H)OURS member Kunho described their new single ‘Shock’ as “a unique combination of Drift Phonk and K-pop, which definitely projects the colour of [the group]”.

He added that the “main difference” of their new mini-album ‘Witness’ is that the boyband are “expressing our ambition in a rough way, with the strong ambition of a rookie group”.


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ALL(H)OURS made their debut in January 2024 with the mini-album ‘All Ours’ under the K-pop agency Eden Entertainment. The project was led by the single ‘Gotcha’.

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