Kanika’s “Lucky”: A Melding Of Culture And Self-Discovery


Belgian-born artist Kanika has just released her latest single, “Lucky,” a testament to her unique ability to blend Hindi and English seamlessly. Her diverse linguistic and cultural influences naturally shape her music and lyrical storytelling. The singer’s upbringing involved exposure to both Western commercial music and Indian folk, creating a distinct sound that marries the sweetness of her Indian roots with Western production elements. 

“Lucky” represents a departure from Kanika's previous style, embracing moody, slow synth vibes. This transformation stemmed from a realization that her heart lies in creating this particular genre of music. It marks her growth as an artist by allowing her to listen to her creative instincts rather than external expectations. 

Collaborating with lyricist Anurvi Mehra, Kanika explored the song's narrative of romantic yearning and playful sensuality. Writing in both Hindi and English, the duo worked tirelessly to create a captivating story. 

This song reflects Kanika's journey toward self-acceptance, breaking free from cultural constraints and self-imposed limitations. “Lucky” is a captivating and personal musical journey, signifying the artist's commitment to authenticity in her music. Fans can anticipate more exciting releases that authentically channel her life experiences.

Watch the official visual below:

Listen to “Lucky” here: