Kathleen Hanna, Eartheater & more star in ‘Tour Without End’ screening at Pioneer Works

Pioneer Works in Red Hook is currently showing Laura Parnes' film Tour Without End (2014 - 2019) as part of an installation centered around the project. The film, which premiered at The Kitchen back in 2018, is about a group of bands on tour as they traverse the ups and downs on the music industry, van politics, DIY venues and more, blurring the line between a fictional story and a documentary. Making it even more blurry is the cast of actual musicians, including Kathleen Hanna and JD Samson, Eartheater, Light Asylum's Shannon Funchess, Kembra Pfahler (Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black), Lizzi Bougatsos (Gang Gang Dance), and more. Here's the synopsis:

Shot in real environments and situations, the core group of players improvised based on semi-scripted scenes. Because many of these performers are legends themselves in the New York City downtown scene, they are archetypes playing archetypes. The work revels in the sometimes hilarious—but always complex—band dynamics that the characters endure while touring, collaborating, and aging in a youth-driven music industry. As the players move in and out of character, blending fiction and real life, the film moves in and out of non-linear narrative and historical document. Shot from 2014 to 2018 at over 15 DIY music spaces in and around New York City—many of which have since shuttered their doors—the film acts as an urgent time capsule for the rapidly gentrifying city.

In addition to screening the film, the installation also features photos taken during its four-year production, plus raw performance footage of the bands, uncut improvised takes, and more. Tour Without End is up at Pioneer Works through November 28. You can schedule an appointment to check out the film and installation.

You can watch a trailer for Tour Without End as part of a video featuring Parnes at a Creative Capital artist retreat (forward to 2:05 to watch).

Tour Without End Cast:
Kate Valk
Jim Fletcher (The NYC Players)
Lizzi Bougatsos (Gang Gang Dance)
Kathleen Hanna (The Julie Ruin)
Brontez Purnell (The Younger Lovers)
Eileen Myles
Alexandra Drewchin (Eartheater)
Nicole Eisenman
K8 Hardy
Johanna Fateman (Le Tigre)
Shannon Funchess (Light Asylum)
JD Samson (MEN)
Gary Indiana
Kembra Pfahler (Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black)
Rachel Mason
Tom McGrath
Matthew Asti (MGMT)
Becca Blackwell
Christen Clifford
Alessandra Genovese (Crush)
Rogelio Ramos (Love Pig)
Kenya Robinson (Cheeky LaShae)
Neon Music (Youth Quake)