Keanu Reeves Rocks Short Hair for First Time in Years

Keanu Reeves has cut his hair short for the first time in years, apparently for a new movie role. The actor was photographed on the set of Outcome last week with his hair cropped short – especially compared to the shoulder-length locks he has been rocking for the last several years. Many fans are calling this a glow-up, especially at 59 years old.

Reeves' hair has been trimmed down to a pretty typical style – buzzed short on the sides and back and faded to a tuft on the top of his head. His hairline is still immaculate and there are only hints of gray visible in photos published by TMZ. The outlet got ahold of pictures taken on Thursday while Reeves was working on Outcome – an upcoming dark comedy directed by Jonah Hill. For comparison, photos of Reeve last month show him with his long hair trimmed just above his shoulders as it has been for several years now.

Many fans figure that Reeves must have gotten this haircut specifically for his role in Outcome. The actor still wore a short but full beard, and he was dressed casually on set in denim jeans, a white t-shirt and a tan work jacket.

Reeves has favored long hairstyles for years now, possibly to give him flexibility for the requirements of each film project. If long hair is required he already has it, while he can also cut it in a hurry, as he did here. He wore his hair short for some of the movies he was best known for such as The Matrix franchise, but in recent years fans have come to associate Reeves with longer hairstyles thanks to prominent roles like John Wick. It's unclear if Reeves will wear his hair long for the upcoming sequel John Wick: Chapter 5.

Outcome was announced last spring when Apple TV+ officially greenlit the project. Hill co-wrote the script with Ezra Woods, and he will star alongside Reeves. The movie is described as a dark comedy. Reeves plays an aging Hollywood star who must confront his own past when he is extorted with a resurfaced video clip from his past. Reeves' star power helped sell the movie to studios, along with Hill's growing portfolio of Apple original films.

Outcome is starting production now, but there is no release date set for the movie yet. Reeves' most recent hit, John Wick: Chapter 4, is streaming now on Starz.