Kelly Monrow Showcases Her Flawless Style In ‘Scars Of Venus’

Singer-songwriter Kelly Monrow is both powerful and graceful in her brand-new debut album Scars Of Venus, detailing the joys and struggles of womanhood. Her stunning performance in the twelve-piece album is unparalleled, lifting up and giving voice to women all around the world. A true creative, Kelly Monrow decided to step into the music industry with much to share. Her true thoughts and vulnerable emotions are on full display, and it is a lovely sight. 

Opening the album with “Savage”, the artist then dives into “The Woman”, a fearless manifesto of female identity. In the music video, Kelly is surrounded by a number of women of all backgrounds, all of whom claim their strength and are proud to be who they are. “It puts forward the album's philosophy of an unwavering female attitude brought about by the commonality in their struggle despite their diversity. Every woman in this music video is in her own way a lady, and she’s the ‘king upon her throne’ that brings all of it together,” reads a review

Some of the most-loved pieces on Scars Of Venus include “Mama Said”, “Pain Turns To Love”, “We Found it Tho”, “Jagged Heart”, and so on. Check out the album below!