Kid Rock Says N-Word Multiple Times During Uncomfortable ‘Rolling Stone’ Interview

Kid Rock is once again making headlines for all the wrong reasons. The Michigan native — whose real name is Robert James Ritchie — recently gave an uncomfortable interview to Rolling Stone, during which he got drunk and said the N-word multiple times.

The interview was conducted by journalist David Peisner — at Rock's Nashville home — and was intended to be a wide-ranging profile on Rock. While discussing the rap-rocker's politics — Rock has shown unwavering allegiance to former president Donald Trump — Peisner asked Rock if he "might be on the wrong side of history." 

This seemingly prompted Rock to bring up Detroit rapper Trick Trick — a Black man — and allege that the artist has voiced support for Rock's dedication to Trump. Peisner reports that, while describing a conversation with Trick Trick, Rock referred to the rapper by using an offensive term.

"It's worth mentioning these are not the only times Ritchie drops" the racial slur during the interview, Peisner writes. "It'd be easy to label this as the rantings of a drunk racist, but as with everything that Ritchie does, it's hard to know how calculated it all is." 

"Is he just trying to get a reaction?" he continued. "Is he begging to be pilloried when this story comes out so he can launch into a very public tirade against 'cancel culture'? Is this all just a play for more attention?"

At some point, Rock confessed that he is aware of how divisive he can be when it comes to politics. "I'm part of the problem," Peisner recalled Rock saying. "I'm one of the polarizing people, no question." Rock added, "I'm not going to get it right every time, but I know my heart's right. I want the best for this country."

Peisner later noted that Rock consumed a number of alcoholic drinks in "pretty quick succession," which led to a startling situation. "He's sitting in a dark leather chair, shouting at me about something or other, when he reaches behind the seat, pulls out a black handgun, and waves it around to make some sort of point," Peisner recounted, then adding that Rock yelled, "And I got a (expletive) gun right here if I need it! I got them everywhere!"

At this time, Rock and his representatives do not appear to have publicly responded to the article.