Kristin Hayter retiring Lingua Ignota in 2023, will do other projects: “I am retiring this catalog, this pain”

Kristin Hayter has revealed that she's retiring Lingua Ignota in 2023, after her fall tour and "a few things" early next year, writing that "it is not healthy for me to relive my worst experiences over and over through [Lingua Ignota]." She also promises more new music that takes a different direction and says she's "looking forward to the future." Her full statement:

From the heart. These upcoming dates, and a few things in early 2023, will be the last times I perform this music.

I have so much gratitude for what has been afforded me, and the beauty of the community that has gathered around what I do. Committing myself to this project and all that has come with it has also been acutely painful. This time last year I was non-functional. Then, out of desperation, I gave myself permission to heal for the first time. There is still so much work for me to do, but these months of personal growth have allowed me to see myself clearly, my strengths and my shortcomings. Every day I do conscious, active work to stay present — where I am safe, rather than mired in my past — where I was not. I will not allow my wounds to destroy me. I want to live a healthy, happy life and have changed much in myself and my surroundings to bring light in. As such the art has to change too. It is not healthy for me to relive my worst experiences over and over through LI, and my healing has finally allowed me to *feel* how painful that is. I am taking a new direction with my music and I am looking forward to the future. I want to let you know in light of some (very cool) things that will be announced soon that I am retiring this catalog, this pain. This era is over for me. I will give my final performances of this music everything I have, and I look forward to the actual great pleasure of interpreting hymns for you. Revelations is upon us. Gentle friends, it is ok to let go. Thank you for sharing the dark with me, it is time to move forward.

The upcoming fall tour includes a Brooklyn show on December 16 at Pioneer Works. All dates on the tour poster below.

Lingua Ignota 2022 tour