Kristine Leschper (fka Mothers) announces new album, shares “Ribbon” video

Kristine Leschper, who formerly released music as Mothers, has announced her first album under her own name. It's titled The Opening, Or Closing Of A Door and will be out March 4 via ANTI-. The album marks more than just a name change. "Earlier work didn’t involve recording as part of the writing process, recordings were simply made as a document of something that had been written and rehearsed," Leschper says. "I have since discovered a deep affection for home recording and sound exploration, finding that I thrive in those rabbit holes of texture, timbre, rhythm, which can add so much complexity to the emotionality of a composition.”

The album includes "Figure and I," which was released last month, and the new single is the very pretty "Ribbon." “I found myself wanting to explore love songs, and this is really the framework of The Opening, Or Closing Of A Door,” says Leschper. “‘Ribbon’ is a love song that holds a certain tension -- it is the taut line of attempting to read the intentions of another, built with imagery of opposing materialities: a knife meets a ribbon, asking for a kind of vulnerability. A suggestion of something new emerging at this intersection.”

Kristine also directed the music video for "Ribbon," and designed and fabricated the set, all of which was new territory. "I wanted to play with the perceived reality or unreality of a space, using an absolute economy of materials," she says. "When does an environment begin to lose its 'realness' and slip into the imaginary? There’s something interesting in the posturing of lip sync in music videos -- I wanted to throw the microphone out of frame, as if to say: this is not a real performance, it is a performance of a performance, it’s pantomime! This is not a table, it is a painting of a table! Objects come and go, shifting between hard and soft, flat and dimensional, in a setting that provides little more than an abstraction of interior space.”

You can watch the "Ribbon" video below.

1. This Animation
2. Picture Window
3. Figure and I
4. Blue
5. A Drop In That Bucket
6. Writhe and Wrestle
7. Carina
8. Stairwell Song
9. All That You Never Wanted
10. Ribbon
11. Compass
12. The Opening Or Closing Of A Door
13. Thank You