LE SSERAFIM’s Sakura on ‘Easy’: “We couldn’t keep repeating the idea of being strong”

LE SSERAFIM singer Sakura has opened up about the girl group’s new single ‘Easy’ and why they pivoted away from their “strong” image.

LE SSERAFIM released their third studio album ‘Easy’ earlier this week, alongside a music video for the lead single of the same name. The girl group theme for the record was the “anxiety and vulnerability beneath a confident exterior”, according to their label Source Music.

In a new interview with Weverse Magazine, member Sakura opened up about the record’s theme, saying that the group though that “we couldn’t keep repeating the idea of being strong and unwavering”.


“Now that we’re into our second year as a group, we thought it was time to show more of a personal, introspective side of us,” she added. “The group members and the label all felt the same way. And we’re really living life as our album portrays.”

Later during the interview, Sakura also touched on how she had “felt worn out” trying to meet the expectations of others. “Now, instead of conforming to the world’s expectations, I [am] just myself,” he said, adding that people are “still changing just by trying something new without giving into the pressure to change who you are”.

In October 2023, LE SSERAFIM released their debut English single titled ‘Perfect Night’, which also served as a collaboration with Overwatch 2. Member  Yunjin also recently teamed up with Crush and production duo GroovyRoom on the latter’s new single ‘Yes or No’.