LeBron James Asked If He’d Play For Knicks If They Draft Bronny

A little early to be asking such questions.

LeBron James in his 17th season in the NBA and at 35 years old, appears to still have plenty of gas left in the tank. It remains to be seen how much longer he's going to play although fans are optimistic that he will be in the league until at least 40. LeBron's oldest son, Bronny, is 15 years old and is currently impressing scouts with his play for Sierra Canyon high school. There is a chance Bronny could end up playing in the NBA one day and some members of the media are trying to drum up some hype for when that day may come.

After barely beating the New York Knicks last night, LeBron was asked by New York media if he would consider playing for the Knicks should they draft Bronny in a few years from now. LeBron seemed pretty put off by the question and brushed it off saying "my son is in the 9th grade, man."

It remains to be seen how Bronny will develop over the next few years. Quite frankly, it's weird to see so many pundits making serious comments about Bronny and his skillset. At 15 years old, there are still plenty of factors at play when it comes to how good he's going to be. Either way, it's too early to know for sure where he'll end up.