Lennon Gallagher’s Automotion share “eerie” new single ‘Lost In The Spinal Labyrinth’

Lennon Gallagher’s band Automotion have shared a new single called ‘Lost In The Spinal Labyrinth’ – you can listen to it below.

The song will appear on the south London group’s upcoming EP ‘Dissolve’, which is due for release on June 19.

Produced and mixed by Patrick James Fitzroy (PVA, Sorry, Katy J Pearson), ‘Lost In The Spinal Labyrinth’ takes the listener through various rhythms, riffs and tones across its six-and-a-half minutes.

It is described as being “sometimes subdued and tranquil, [and] at other times heavy and ominous”.


In a statement, frontman Jesse Hitchman said: “[‘Lost In The Spinal Labyrinth’] flows through many moods and sonic landscapes to create an interwoven journey with vocals that are both melodic and eerie.”

Tune in here:

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Automation are comprised of Hitchman, guitarist Gallagher (son of former Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher) bassist Finton Eatwell-Hurst and drummer Otis Eatwell-Hurst.

They’ll play a headline show at The Lexington in London on June 19 to launch their ‘Dissolve’ EP. Tickets are on sale here.

‘Lost In The Spinal Labyrinth’ follows on from their previous single ‘Liquify’, which was released in January. The song saw the band team up with Faris Badwan (lead vocalist of The Horrors) for production duties.

Automotion shared their debut EP ‘In Motion’ in 2021, with it being described by the group as being about “the dominance of technology in society, becoming and overcoming and the start of a journey towards creating something new”.


The collection was followed by the EPs ‘Ecstatic Oscillations’ (2022) and ‘Artificial Ascent’ (2023).

Automotion, 2024
Automotion, 2024. CREDIT: @caty_magenta

Speaking to NME in 2022, Liam Gallagher described the sound of his son’s band as “fucking mental”.

“That’s a fucking word for it,” he continued. “Gene [his other son] was telling me there’s some scene like mathematic rock or summat. I was like, ‘This is giving me a headache already and I haven’t even heard any of it’.”

Liam added: “I don’t get involved – [Lennon and Gene] like what I do to a certain extent, but they’re fucking somewhere else. They wouldn’t listen to me, man, but they’re doing their own thing.”

In other news, Gene’s band Villanelle will open for Liam Gallagher on his ‘Definitely Maybe’ 30th anniversary tour this summer.