Lo’renzo To’rez Shows The Way To “Live Again”

Lo’renzo To’rez is a talented artist from Ohio who has recently released “Closing The Door” and “Live Again”, two marvelous tracks that surpass all expectations. “Closing The Door” alone has generated over 400K streams. As a professional musician, Lo’renzo To’rez creates unforgettable tracks that are real, relatable, and unique. “Live again” is an exceptionally beautiful song that explores love and heartbreaks. “I wanna be happy and free,” says the singer and this line is so powerful, so relatable for millions of people. 

Lo’renzo’s passion for making music accompanied him all through childhood and into teenage years when he started writing his own songs and at the age of 18 recorded his very first song. “You Don’t Belong To Me” and “So Good On You” are two of Lo’renzo’s previous songs that have received tons of positive feedback.   

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