Los Bitchos share new single “Pista,” tell us about the best TV they watched in 2021

London-based, Cumbia-inspired band Los Bitchos have just shared "Pista" from their upcoming Alex Kapranos-produced debut album, Let The Festivities Begin! The video is part 3 of a trilogy of interconnected videos directed by Tom Mitchell. Say the band: “The video transports you to our life in witness protection following our game show/courtroom victory - the good life and new beginnings. Things aren’t quite what they seem though... We had so much fun shooting this video and didn’t want to leave our cosy, wholesome nest! Thank you to Dario Argento and ‘Are You Afraid of the Dark?’ for inspiring the final installment of this trilogy.”

You can watch "Pista" and the first two parts of Los Bitchos trilogy below. Their album is out February 5 via City Slang.

Clearly lovers of a good story, we talked to Los Bitchos about their viewing habits and they presented us with a list of the best shows they watched in 2021, including both new and classic shows. Check out their list and commentary below.

Los Bitchos' Top 10 TV Shows of 2021

Desperate Housewives
Our good friend Charles, who's been touring with us reminded us of how classic this series is. So much drama, lots of laughs and ultimate mid noughties nostalgia; this series was our ultimate comfort binge series when we toured and when we came home.

It's a Sin
One of the best series of 2021 [We agree! - Ed], it blended raw reality with the fabulousness and courage of the '80s queer scene. It offered a very real insight into what it would have been like to grow up during the AIDS pandemic. It really draws you in and it just makes you fall in love with all the characters, a must watch.

If there was ever a series that keeps you on your toes and makes you count the days until the next episode, then this is it! Interestingly it's mirrored on the Murdoch family dynasty and the struggle for power and affection between siblings within the family business. One of the most clever satirical dramas ever, you can really imagine that this is really what it's like to live in these elite circles. The phrase of more money, more problems has never been so evident.

Alrawabi School For Girls
A brilliant Jordanian TV series that encompasses themes of bullying, victimisation, the blurring of power roles and honor killings of women, which of course is still a very real issue prevalent in societies across the world. Rarely has there been a series where you would actually yell out loud at the tv due to the endless plot twists. It's aesthetically brilliant as well.

Squid Game
Did anyone not watch this in 2021? If you haven't then do it now! The subject matter itself is so clever, and the acting is brilliant and we couldn't help but watch as much of it as possible on train trips and in between tours. Be sure to watch it in its original language with subtitles in your preferred language.

Bridgerton was just the guilty pleasure needed in some tricky moments in the winter months. Ridiculous but somehow just an enjoyable escape. Did I cut my fringe super short one week and declare it a ‘regency’ fringe? You bet.

Line of Duty
Line of duty is more than just a gripping crime drama about bent coppers. It’s a cult and the best bit for us (apart from Vicky McClure’s smoldering looks and using the LOD bingo card for each episode) was theorizing between shows and listening to the accompanying Line of Duty podcast on a Wednesday on my way to work and dying laughing listening to the 3 Irish mates gassing about the show in almost exclusively private jokes. There are 6 seasons now and it’s pretty complicated, full of twists and police acronyms, but it’s worth the investment.

Peep Show
There will never be a time when you can't re-watch this series, there's 9 hilarious seasons, and we promise you will never be bored. It's been out for many years and it's very cleverly filmed from the first person point of view of each character. You can totally see yourself in the awkward cringe situations that arise throughout the series and it's so so quotable.The ultimate season has to be season 4 where one of the main protagonists, Mark, is doing everything he can to get out of marrying his fiance. If you're ever feeling down, watch this season and get those endorphins pumping.

People Just Do Nothing
An absolute classic series, with a re-watchable value of 11/10. The deadpan cringe humor is hilarious and within a few episodes you already feel like you know the characters personally. Their portrayal of life in a council estate, running a pirate radio station in Brentford, West London, is so on point. It's real, it's hilarious and you need to watch it.

The Crown
Let's face it, we were all waiting for the Princess Diana years to start and it was totally worth the wait. The seemingly endless drama and intrigue surrounding her personal life is something that has never wavered and quite frankly season 5 can not come soon enough! Of course the other intertwined issues of royal duty, personal relationships/identities and what it means to be a part of a Royal family are brilliantly executed as well.