‘Love Island USA’: Hakeem Shares His Side of the Liv Drama, Origin of ‘Negative’ Comment

Amidst the chaos of the June 23 elimination, Hakeem White found his time on Love Island USA cut short. While the reality star sparked connections with Hannah Smith, Liv Walker, and JaNa Craig throughout his time on the Peacock series. Now that his time on Love Island USA has come to an end, Hakeem took time to PopCulture.com to talk about his experience on the series. Not only did he share where he stands with Liv and JaNa, but he also teased the surprising Islander who he was attracted to during his time in the Villa. 

As fans know, Hakeem and Liv's relationship on Love Island USA was marred by drama. Their issues came to a head during an explosive argument that led to Hakeem calling Liv a "negative" presence in the Villa. In regards to that comment, Hakeem said that "some of the guys would talk" and they came to the conclusion that she was "a part of a lot of drama on the guy's end with things that they were having with women."


LOVE ISLAND USA -- Episode 609 -- Pictured: (l-r) Robert Rausch, Kordell Beckham, Connor Newsum, Hakeem White, Aaron Evans -- (Photo by: Ben Symons/Peacock)

- Peacock)

Looking back on the situation, Hakeem acknowledges that he "probably shouldn't have said" the "negative" comment in the first place. He also stressed that he and Liv left things on good terms, saying, "Liv and I are great. Obviously, it doesn't look great from watching her cursing me out and everything while I'm just sitting there, but I get it. I understand her side with it. We talked it out. I apologized, she apologized, and we're good now."

Once his relationship with Liv came to a dramatic end, Hakeem coupled up with JaNa. But, their time as a couple was cut short when they found themselves up for elimination. Does Hakeem think they could have gone the distance had he stayed a little longer? He said, "I think it truly was a friendship couple. I love JaNa and she's great. I don't think there would've been anything on a deeper romantic level, honestly. I would've probably had to have that conversation with her, and I think she would've been on the same wave as well with everything."

When asked whether there was anyone else who caught his eye on Love Island USA, Hakeem said that there was no one who he "was really truly in on." Although, he did share that he had an attraction to Kaylor, but added that "it would've been a horrible situation for me to get into because she's best friends with Liv, and I was coupled up with Liv at the time, and so would've been probably the worst human in the viewer's eyes."

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