Lucy Clue Starts Off Her Career With An Incredible Debut Single Called “In Your Eyes”

Lucy Clue is an Italian born Germany-based artist who has recently started releasing her music and her first song comes with “In Your Eyes,” an expressive track that exudes the best of pop, synthpop, and hip-hop. 

The writing process for “In Your Eyes” was significant for Lucy and the brilliant singer reflected on it, saying “It was a moment in my life, when I had a specific feeling rising up for a specific person, that I really could not stop thinking about.” She continued, “and I felt this energy in me and around me, no matter where I was, it was following me and it followed me as well into my dreams. So I definitely had to write about it to get it out of my mind.”

“In Your Eyes” marks Lucy Clue’s first single release ever, however, the Italian-artist has assured us that the song is the first of many classics that are set to be released soon. Until then, we can enjoy her catchy melodic tune that is “In Your Eyes,” which is available across platforms to stream and purchase. 

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