Lykke Li Puts A Smokey Spin On Her Cover Of Johnny Cash’s ‘Ring Of Fire’ For Netflix’s ‘Damsel’

The late Johnny Cash’s hit song “Ring Of Fire” is a musical staple.

Due to country music fans’ deep love for the track, some musicians may stay far away from it. However, Lykke Li isn’t afraid of covering a cult classic (just listen to her take on Gloria Gaynor’sI Will Survive“). So, when Netflix came calling for her to put on spin on the track for its upcoming film, Damsel, she eagerly jumped at the opportunity.

No version will top Cash’s, but Li’s smokey rendition, produced by Andrew Sarlo, isn’t so bad either. In a statement, Li opened up about her love for the record crediting its original songwriters June Carter Cash and Merle Kilgore.

“I respect her songwriting so much,” she said. “You realize just how powerful it is when you can sing her song in any way. A song of that quality can be a lullaby, it can be a hymn, it can be a country song–and it just stands the test of time.”

Netflix’s Damsel starring Millie Bobby Brown and directed by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo is due out on March 8. Find more information here. View the full trailer here.

Listen to Li’s “Ring Of Fire” cover above.