M.I.A. compares Alex Jones verdict to “every celebrity pushing vaccines”

M.I.A.'s anti-vaccine views are nothing new, but she's making headlines as she again doubles down on the stance, appearing to compare Alex Jones' lies about the Sandy Hook shooting, and the subsequent nearly $1 billion in damages he's being ordered to pay victims' families, to celebrities "pushing vaccines." In a tweet on Wednesday (10/13), she wrote, "If Alex jones pays for lying shouldn’t every celebrity pushing vaccines pay too ?"

M.I.A.'s tweets come as a viral tweet from far-right Dutch politican Rob Roos claims that Pfizer "admitted" their Covid vaccine wasn't tested on preventing transmission of the virus. Seeming to latch onto this (false) claim, M.I.A. tweeted, "Alex jones lying and Pfizer lying both trending . One with penalty other without. If you have no critical thinking faculty, this is about as crazy as we should get before a nuclear war wipe out the human race."

"iTS 2022 , so far no one has ever paid a billion dollars for lying or being in denial on this planet ," she continued, also referrencing the myth of "weapons of mass destruction" in Iraq, the "2008 financial crash," and the Tamil people's death toll in the Sri Lankan Civil War.

"I might be the first cancelled twitter user back in 2010," she went on, "for saying ' connected to the google connected to the government ' . they forget i got different kinds of receipts."

M.I.A.'s latest comments come just ahead of her new album, MATA, that is out Friday.