Machine Gun Kelly Claimed Coachella Banned Him From Attending Without A Proper Reason, But An Old Post Suggests Otherwise


Whether you know him as Machine Gun Kelly, MGK, or Colson XX Blonde Don, each persona has a massive beef with Coachella.

Across the multi-day event, every influencer under the sun feverously posts their every move from the desert landscape. But don’t expect to see the “Death Around The Corner” musician in any of their footage. On April 12, MGK took to X (formerly Twitter) to claim that he had actually been banned from attending Coachella over a decade ago without a proper reason.

“Never been to a Coachella,” he wrote. “They banned me in 2012 for whatever reason. I was looking forward to finally going this year, but my daughter’s volleyball tournament ended up on the same days, so y’all will have to let me know how it is. She comes first ✌🏼.”

Just before users online could lace up their boots to go to war from MGK, an old post resurfaced where he slammed the festival. In the April 29, 2012 post, MGK took aim at the festival’s approach to curation and more.

“Coachella is a huge joke,” he wrote. “It’s corporate as f*ck, and they only accept the accepted but fake as they don’t. Sad that music is so trendy now.”

Welp, grand opening…grand closing. But hey, maybe the parties can work it out next year.