Madi Diaz tells us about her Top 10 Recipes of 2021

Madi Diaz released her new album, History of a Feeling, back in August, which was her first full-length in seven years, and after dalliances with electronic pop, found her returning to her folky, countrified roots while maintaining a modern sound. It's a terrific album, and if you haven't checked it out, you can listen to the whole thing below.

You can catch Madi on tour with Caamp starting next week, and next year she'll be on the road with Waxahatchee, including a NYC show at Brooklyn Steel on February 10 (tickets). All dates are listed below.

It's also End of Year season and we've been asking artists about their favorite things of 2021. Instead of making a list of album or songs, Madi decided to give us her Top 10 Recipes. "I know. Cooking. It can be a bitch finding the time, spending the time, having the time," Madi says. "But the thing is….some recipes have me planning my life out and around allocating a few hours to make something wonderful and soothing. It really is just the best. So centering so loving so soothing. Whether it be just for my fine self or for my babely friends or for my babely bae, it’s just one of the best feels to cook a great ass meal and then bask in the brilliance of some time well spent in the kitchen."

One note: despite the name of the website she made this for, this is not the most vegan list of recipes. But she makes a good case for all 10 -- check out her list and commentary below.

Madi Diaz - Top 10 Recipes of 2021

Who: Frank Prisinzano with his famous Spaghetti al Limone
Why: Cause I wanna eat in the next 15 minutes and I’m starving and there are like 6 ingredients in this recipe. But really, ALL of Frank’s recipes are to die for and he makes cooking delicious meals accessible, scrappy and elegant all at once. He’s a real die hard purest and spotlights barebones inspired ways of creating and consuming simple meals that have been the staples of Italian cooking.

Who: Alison Roman - Slow-Roasted Oregano Chicken With Buttered Tomatoes
Why: Because everyone should experience the sense of accomplishment that comes with roasting a chicken, and this HERE chicken will blow ur freaking mind. Alison’s cookbook “Nothing Fancy” is still one of my absolute favorites and is a stand out in deliciousness versatility and fail proof directions. For this specific recipe, I suggest additionally a bottle of red wine and some good bread to go with to soak up the juices AND omg you can make chicken soup or stock out of the leftovers and really lean into your winter nesting.

Who: Lidey Heuck - White Beans and Greens with Parmesan
Why: This can go vegetarian or carnivore. It’s quick and easy and grounding and yay. I added some Italian sausage when I made my version and half the beans which made for more of a stew version, which wasn’t on purpose I just wasn’t paying attention when I was shopping.

Who: Alison Roman - Sheet Pan Trout with Garlicky Broccolini
Why: I’m looking for something light lean fast and fancy looking in that carefree kinda way. There’s something about cooking a whole trout too that just really makes me sparkle. I personally like adding some whole tomatoes (halved) and garlic cloves to add a bit of color to this ordeal.

Who: Kay Chun - Vegetable Paella with Chorizo
Why: This recipe is so lovely whether it’s hot or cold outside for a grounding meal. It’s hearty without being overwhelming and it requires very little attention. The cool thing about Paella is that you can add sort of whatever you fancy as far as protein goes: beyond meat, burger, chicken, sausage whatever….seafood….more of it, less of it….you kinda can’t go wrong. It’s also real nice eating from a big ol bowl outside with a fire going, if possible.

Who: Regina Schrambling - Dijon and Cognac Beef Stew
Why: Stews are an entire love language. I made this stew early on this year for my brothers and my boyfriend while we were staying in a shabby little cabin somewhere in North Carolina with snow on the ground. It was freezing as fuck outside and this stew was the bone chill problem solver. Plus the cognac was a nice lil touch so we had a bottle to pass around while we played cards into the night.

Who: Ali Slagle - Sheet Pan Kielbasa with Cabbage and Beans
Why: I have a bunch of people to feed on a limited budget with no time. It’s possible!!! I promise! This meal takes very little prep and you can throw it on a table for people to pick at in a casual cookout setting sort of deal or I’ve also cooked it on purpose for myself and a few others as a main meal. It’s just GOOooooD. Also….you have ONE PAN to clean when it’s all said and done. For people that don’t have dishwashers (me) this is just a simple act of kindness.

Who: Melissa Clark - Chickpea Vegetable Soup with Parmesan Rosemary and Lemon
Why: To stew, but to stew with lightness, is a true joy. The color in this meal is so lovely and fresh and the lemon zest/rosemary really gives it the nicest aromatic perk. It’s soothing but doesn’t take up the whole day somehow! I like to smoosh a handful of crackers in my fist and drop it in my bowl but that’s just me idk. Oooooh a spoonful of full fat plain yogurt on top too. Maybe a lil avocado slices. Yeah.

Who: Ali Slagle - Slow Cooker Barbeque Pork and Beans
Why: I can not stress enough how important a dutch oven is in my life. It has changed me. I never want to go back to before I knew the dutch oven and I used to think it was only a thing my mom did when she farted and pulled the covers over my dad’s head…. Anyway. Turns out it’s not just that. Moving on, BBQ pork and beans year round is a service to humanity and it really flexes the dutch oven muscle and I literally just dump a few things into a pot cover it put it in the oven and come home to the best dinner literally ever. And it can be eaten in so many ways like over greens on a bun over grains just plain or whatever ur fancy is, pork and beans does it!!

Who: Genevieve Ko - Crispy Oven Bacon and Eggs
Why: Cause breakfast. Bacon and eggs, together, as one, on one pan, in an uncomplicated lovingly close situation. This is so easy it’s too easy. I love cooking a big ol breakfast just for me or for two or three…or four or more….whatever. This is my favorite cause no dishes and instant satisfaction and it’s also SO FUN to cook an egg in an oven for some reason. It feels so wrong but so right….also I like to add some sliced tomatoes for color and a little acidity in the AM. Celebrate.

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