Matt Champion Does His Best ‘Slug’ Impression In His Clever Single And Dance-Heavy Video

Former Brockhampton member Matt Champion packed a one-two punch in February. His first solo offering of the year, “Aphid” featuring Dijon, is hardly two weeks old, but Champion dropped another solo single, “Slug,” on Wednesday, February 28.

The trippy single was co-produced by Matt and Henry Kwapis, and Champion’s boundless musicality is depicted in an Anna Pollack-directed video.

In it, we find Champion within a mysterious orb in the middle of a damp forest. “I want someone,” he sings. “And that someone just happens to be you.” An unidentifiable yet undeniably gross substance drips from his fingers — which, very slug-like — while he’s slowly joined by people who seem unaware of his existence. Champion slips and slides while others execute choreography around him. Champion observes, then trips when he tries to walk away. “Won’t you be my slug?” he sings.

Finally, Champion seamlessly joins in on the dancing for a bit before returning to his initial drooped state. The music cuts off, and we’re left with the same view from the outside of the bubble. Wildlife chirps outside while Champion’s habitat totally decompresses, and he’s left lying inanimately when the screen goes black.

It would appear that Champion intends to keep fans fed, as a press release advises, “Stay tuned for more from Matt Champion soon.”

Watch the “Slug” video above.