Members of Power Trip, Creeping Death, Skourge & more form Fugitive, announce EP & live debut

Power Trip guitarist Blake Ibanez recently spoke about new music he had been writing, and now in an interview with Dallas Observer he broke the news about a new band he formed: Fugitive. It's a collaboration with vocalist Seth Gilmore of Skourge, and their live lineup also includes Creeping Death’s Lincoln Mullins on drums, Impalers' Victor Gutierrez on second guitar, and bassist Andy Messer (ANS, Stymie). They've got a debut EP on the way via 20 Buck Spin, which includes a cover of Bathory's "Raise the Dead." Title and release date TBA.

They've also announced that their live debut will take place at Dallas' Wrecking Ball Metal Madness mini-fest on August 13, which is presented by local greats Frozen Soul, who are also co-headlining alongside Municipal Waste. The lineup also includes Creeping Death, Malignant Altar, Sanguisugabogg, 200 Stab Wounds, Undeath, Vomit Forth, Tribal Gaze, No/Más, and Intoxicated. Tickets are on sale now.

Fugitive describe themselves as thrash 'n' roll, and Ibanez told Dallas Observer, "I was able to find a niche where it sounds like the stuff that I write for Power Trip, but it's different, and it’s a different tuning. It opens up some new doors for different types of songs and riffs. It was just kind of like a blank canvas. It was like, no rules."

Ibanez also told the Observer that one of their songs is "about the time Gilmore was arrested and thrown in jail" and another "centers on an old Fort Worth red-light district called Hell’s Half Acre, a rough area once overrun by debauchery and murder."

Stay tuned for more on Fugitive.

photo by Will Mecca