Micky Quinn: An Electronic Luminary

micky quinn sleep tonight

Hailing from Belfast, Micky Quinn emerges as a dynamic force in the realm of electronic music. With an illustrious career spanning international residencies, acclaimed performances, and groundbreaking events, Quinn's influence extends far beyond the DJ booth.

Formerly gracing the legendary decks of Pukka Up in Ibiza, WNDRLND at Eden, and House in Paradise at O Beach, Quinn has been hailed as "One to watch" by Ibiza Club News—a demonstration of his electrifying performances and magnetic stage presence. From Ministry of Sound in London to Amnesia Ibiza and Hi Ibiza, Micky's sonic odyssey has captivated audiences worldwide, sharing stages with icons like Stormzy, Chase & Status, and Steve Aoki.

But Quinn's impact isn't confined to the club scene alone. His brainchild, "Day Rave," has quickly risen to prominence as Northern Ireland's premier daytime party, with tickets selling out within minutes—a demonstration of Quinn's ability to cultivate vibrant music communities wherever he goes.

Now, Micky unveils his latest sonic endeavor: "Sleep Tonight." This infectious single is evidence of Quinn's evolution as an artist, seamlessly blending pulsating rhythms with introspective lyricism. Beyond its infectious beats, "Sleep Tonight" offers a poignant glimpse into Quinn's innermost thoughts and desires, inviting listeners on a journey of self-discovery and emotional resonance.

As "Sleep Tonight" marks a new era in Quinn's artistic journey, it solidifies his position as a versatile and captivating artist—one whose music transcends boundaries and resonates deeply with audiences worldwide. Keep a close eye on Micky Quinn because, with each pulsating track, he continues to push the boundaries of electronic music, forging connections and inspiring listeners around the globe.

Listen to Micky’s latest below: