Millie Bobby Brown’s ‘Stranger Things’ Co-Star Will Officiate Wedding

Millie Bobby Brown is preparing to walk down the aisle with Jake Bongiovi, and a Stranger Things co-star is going to officiate. Matthew Modine, who portrays Dr. Martin Brenner, a.k.a. "Papa," on the Netflix sci-fi series, revealed to AccessDaily that he has the honor of officiating the couple's upcoming nuptials.

"I have one of those licenses to get people married, and Millie thought it'd be great, and then Jake said it would be a great idea, so I wrote the wedding vows, and they loved what I wrote for them to join hands and become husband and wife," Moline said. "It's such a beautiful thing to be able to join two people in holy matrimony."

As of now, Brown and Bongiovi's wedding date has not been announced, or at least made public, and it wouldn't be surprising if it was kept secret until after it happened. Filming for the final season of Stranger Things is currently happening, meaning that it's likely the wedding happen until the series wraps so the pair can make sure they have all the time in the world to be together and enjoy life as newlyweds.

Millie Bobby Brown announced her engagement to Jake Bongiovi last April after dating for two years. Although the pair have been under scrutiny for getting married so young as Brown was only 19 and Bongiovi was only 20 at the time of their engagement, Brown's future father-in-law Jon Bon Jovi said he doesn't "know if age matters, you know, if you find the right partner and you grow together, I think. That would be my advice, really, is growing together is wise."

Meanwhile, Brown has been awfully busy, and wedding prep is not the only thing on her mind. On top of the final season of Stranger Things, she was previously promoting her new and long-awaited Netflix film Damsel. She also has three other projects in the works, and she doesn't seem to be slowing down any time soon even when she ties the knot. It is sweet to see how close she's gotten with some of her co-stars, as proven by Matthew Modine officiating her wedding.