Nakhane shares song ft. Nile Rodgers and Perfume Genius (who announced a NYC show)

South African artist Nakhane started to cross over internationally after their 2018 album You Will Not Die was given a worldwide deluxe re-release in 2019 (including a song with ANOHNI), and now they're in the process of rolling out some new singles. Back in July, they released "Tell Me Your Politik," a collaboration with fellow South African artist Moonchild Sanelly and disco legend Nile Rodgers, and today they've shared "Do You Well." This one also features production from Nile Rodgers, as well as Emre Türkmen, and it features guest vocals by Perfume Genius. Its propulsive synthpop backdrop feels like something Nile Rodgers (or Giorgio Moroder) might've worked on in the '80s, and Nakhane and Perfume Genius' voices sound great together.

Nakhane says, "Parts of the lyrics were a humorous take on how deceptive club lighting can be. We all look a little different under those strobes lights. I was making fun of myself, and turned that metaphor into something literal and somewhat base." Of working with Perfume Genius, they add, "I always thought singing with him would be a beautiful thing. I liked that it's a song that was not necessarily what people would expect from us: a sad, trauma-mining ballad. Instead I wanted us to make a banger."

And about the video, Nakhane says, "I wanted to explore the intersection of violence and sensuality, the dance of courting someone before you actually have sex with them. It was inspired by a lot of gay-themed films, where we normally see characters wrestling with their inner dialogue before they give in to their desires. So I said why not make that wrestling literal? Of course the inspiration for that was how homoerotic wrestling is." Check out both new Nakhane singles below.

Meanwhile, Perfume Genius just announced a Pitchfork-presented, one-off NYC show happening on December 9 at Knockdown Center with Grace Ives. Tickets are on sale now.