NANCY tells us about the influences behind his debut album ‘English Leather’

Brighton, UK artist NANCY (aka Jamie Hall of Tigercub) makes melodramatic DIY pop that pulls from a large swatch of '70s rock, including gothy, glamy melodrama and English baroque-n-roll. He's just released his full length debut, English Leather, which he descibes like this: “‘English Leather’ is inspired by midnight shadows behind closed curtains in crummy B&Bs, cigarette smoke after hours in seedy seaside bars, and broken bottles that twinkle like stars under platform shoes. The album is a psychedelic portrait of repression, self-denial and introspection, with a perverted underbelly of indulgence and depravity at its core. After all, it’s the English way." English Leather is a lot of fun -- read our review -- and you can listen to the album below.

We asked NANCY to tell us a little more about the specific influences behind English Leather and his list includes some that you might pick up on and ones you might now. Check out annotated list below.



T. Rex - Electric Warrior
This album accounts for such a huge part of my identity as an artist, I love the eccentric simplicity of these songs, Tony Visconti’s production is so beautiful and so smart and simple, there is a hushed almost whispered dynamic to these tracks. Impossible to replicate.

Elliott Smith - Either/Or
The complexity of this album harmonically and emotional intensity is something that makes it in my opinion, a masterpiece. Either/Or to my ears is dissonant, polyrhythmic and subversive but the songs play like nursery rhymes and are utterly beautiful. Just everything I want to be as a songwriter.

The Shangri Las - Leader of the Pack / 65!
The melodrama of it all, the production, the melodies just amazing, I was trying to channel The Shangri Las a lot on English Leather.

Harry Nilsson - Aerial Ballet
I love the McCartney esque theatrics across this record, but the track ‘One’ in particular is absolutely stunning and I wish more than anything in the world that I had wrote it.

David Bowie - Hunky Dory
Untouchable, iconic, the baroque-ness of these songs is what really inspires me. Hugely important record for me.