‘NCIS’: Rocky Carroll Shares Idea for Possible Appearance on Tony and Ziva Spinoff

As the NCIS franchise continues to stay strong, Rocky Carroll has some ideas about one of the new upcoming spinoffs. There are two new series in the franchise coming soon, prequel NCIS: Origins and the untitled Tony and Ziva spinoff. While it would be hard for Carroll to show up on Origins due to the fact that it takes place in the '90s, he's not counting out the Tiva series. He does play NCIS Director Leon Vance, which would make it easy for him to check in on some former agents.

"I just did a podcast with Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo, and we had a chat about that, and I said, 'Who knows? Sometimes the director may need to come in and check in on you kids because you're on the other side of the world here," Carroll told TV Insider. "That would be kind of fun. Video check-in would be nice. I'd like to see their faces when Vance just walks into the room."

Since NCIS films in Los Angeles while the upcoming Tiva spinoff will be filming in Budapest later this year, a full-blown in-person appearance might be hard to do. However, video check-ins are definitely plausible, as that's how Daniela Ruah and Vanessa Lachey were able to do the 1,000th episode. It may not be exactly the same, but it would be better than nothing, and the interaction would still be the same.

Rocky Carroll isn't the only NCIS star to express interest in appearing on the spinoff. Sean Murray previously shared that it's "very possible" for him to appear on the upcoming Paramount+ series or for Weatherly and de Pablo to come back to HQ prior to their own show launching. Again, though, if Murray were to be on the spinoff, it would more than likely be over video or FaceTime or something similar since the show is set in Europe.

Whatever happens, hopefully Tony and Ziva will be reuniting with their former colleagues in the future, whether in-person or just over video. Since they will be running across Europe, they will surely need their friends. More information on the spinoff should be announced soon, including the title. But in the meantime, fans will just have to continue theorizing and rewatching their favorite Tiva moments on Paramount+, where all episodes of NCIS are streaming.