New exclusive vinyl: Bad Brains’ live album ‘The Youth Are Getting Restless’ on splatter LP

Our Bad Brains vinyl reissue campaign continues with an exclusive new variant of the punk icons' 1990 live album The Youth Are Getting Restless. The new pressing is on clear vinyl with orange, blue, and white splatter and is limited to just 300 copies. That's a mock-up above--pre-order your copy while they last.

The Youth Are Getting Restless was recorded live at the Paradiso in Amsterdam on Bad Brains' I Against I tour in 1987. Speaking to bassist Darryl Jenifer last year, he told us:

When I think about those shows, because of how long ago it was, what I remember about those shows -- I don't remember anything about the Fillmore show, maybe the other band members do. That was way back -- you said '82 -- I definitely had blinders on for what I was doing. The Amsterdam one, I remember that because of the weed and all and being in Europe and all that shit. I remember it being packed and being filled with pure energy and love for us. I think I was a little drunk, to tell you the truth. I must have just started drinking because I noticed I was talking a lot of shit on the record and I don't really do that. It embarrassed me a little bit... You asked me that question about those two live shows, what I mainly feel is I can remember how I felt, what time of life and what was going on.

It was a learning experience being a stage performer and all that, being in Bad Brains. To me, if I don't hear it the way I hear it, if I write the riff with the band together or we come up with an idea, if that shit is not beating my ass on stage where I'm standing, which can't happen a lot of times -- so for many years, I would complain and didn't like shit and be an asshole, you know what I mean, about shit that was just fine, but for me, I had to mature to not be a watchdog over my riffs and learn about chemistry. I learned about it because a friend of mine I taught how to play the bass, I taught him from the ground up from scratch. His name is Nick Martin. He played in a band called Lords of Discipline. He was a good friend of ours and let us stay in his house when we first came to New York. I taught Nick Martin how to play the bass. One time I went down to a show at CBGB and I heard him kicking it, I said, "Damn Nick, my man is killing that shit." What I realized is that if he sounds like that, imagine what the hell I sound like if I was listening to me standing out here. Once I realized it, it probably changed my playing.

Read the full interview with Darryl and pre-order The Youth Are Getting Restless on limited-to-300 clear with orange, blue, and white splatter vinyl.

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