New exclusive vinyl: Touche Amore’s ‘…To The Beat of a Dead Horse’ and ‘Dead Horse X’

Post-hardcore greats Touche Amore have evolved and progressed with each new album, and their more primitive early material still holds up great too, so we're stoked to now be launching exclusive vinyl variants of their 2009 debut album ...To the Beat of a Dead Horse, as well as Dead Horse X, the 2019 10th anniversary re-recording of that same album. Both records will be pressed on clear/silver tri-color stripe vinyl and limited to 400 copies each. Pre-order yours while they last!

The original ...To the Beat of a Dead Horse record came out on 6131 (who later released debut albums by Joyce Manor and Julien Baker), it was produced by Alex Estrada (who also worked with Joyce Manor around then), and it features guest vocals from Thusrday's Geoff Rickly and Modern Life Is War's Jeff Eaton. Dead Horse X was recorded by Zach Tuch and mixed by Converge's Kurt Ballou. For some background on why they re-recorded it, Jeremy Bolm said in 2019:

You might be asking “Why re-record this album?” Mostly its because we physically couldn’t remix and remaster the 2009 version due to all the files being lost when the hard drive containing them crashed. We also just loved the idea of [drummer Elliot Babin] and [bassist Tyler Kirby] getting to play on this album as they weren’t in the band at the time. We wanted the songs to sound like how we’ve been playing them these last bunch of years. Faster and with more energy. So thats what you get here. Geoff Rickley (Thursday) and Jeff Eaton (Modern Life is War) both stepped up to re-record their guest spots too. True fucking heroes. This project took over a year of work and was carefully laid out by Nick Steinhardt with reimagined cover art by Bart Balboa (Birds in Row).

Stream Dead Horse fave "Honest Sleep" and watch some documentary videos from the making of Dead Horse X below, and pre-order both albums HERE.