New Late Night Show Launches for Free on Twitch/YouTube

Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert have a little bit more competition in late night. One of Twitch's most ambitious personalities is giving the late-night talk show format a shot. QTCinderella, the personality known for organizing The Streamer Awards and the cooking competition series Master Baker, has launched Late Night with QT

The series sees QTCinderella delivering a joke monologue, interviewing a guest, hosting an activity segment with a guest and introducing a musical performance. Late Night with QT has all the hallmarks of a fun after-hours talk show with the bare-bones charm of internet livestreams.

QTCinderella has modest intentions for the show, as she revealed in the first episode. The streamer, who also co-hosts the podcasts Wine About It and Fear&, just wanted to try out a recurring show format outside of her previous efforts.

"This is not an event; this is not a podcast; it's just a little show I want to do every week and see if you guys like it," QT said of the series. "And if you like it, you like it. If we don't, we stop doing it, whatever. But my idea was just to have something as a consistent little show that we can have every week — and if it's a little scuffed, it's a little scuffed — but I'm excited to have you guys, and I'm excited to put a little effort into it, and hopefully you like it."

The first installment, which you can now watch on YouTube, featured Will Neff, QT's Fear& co-host and co-star on the G4TV show Hey, Donna!. After QT's streamer-focused monologue, Neff answered subscriber-submitted questions and discussed Neff's interests and career. Topics included a Hey, Donna! revival, Neff's scriptwriting and desire to play the DC Comics character Booster Gold on-screen. Office Drummer served as musical guest.

The second episode aired on Thursday night and featured guest fanfan and musical performer Jay The Bard.

Late Night with QT airs live via Twitch on Thursday nights at 6 p.m. PT. VODs of the episode are available after the fact and are shared on YouTube at a later date.

Aside from her work on Hey, Donna!, QTCinderella has also appeared on TV shows like Entertainment Tonight, Name Your Price and Arena.