NewDad’s album cover goes viral in China, as fans share their own versions

NewDad‘s album cover has gone viral in China, with many fans taking to social media to share their own interpretations of the artwork.

The Irish band announced the news on social media, where they shared some photos of fans recreating their ‘Madra’ cover: “We woke up this morning to find our album cover (photo by Joshua Gordon) going viral in China. so so surreal to see so many people creating their own interpretations”.

‘Madra’ and its cover features a morose porcelain doll looking down. Its nose and lips smashed off to reveal the textured beige material underneath and cracks stretching out across the face.

Underground producer Bloodz Boi also shared a photo telling Gordon of the news, with Gordon replying: “One of the strangest and most special things that’s ever happened to me”.


According to a private post by Gordon shared by Bloodz Boi, the photo was of a “haunted mannqeuin in a house full of sex dolls”.


NewDad’s ‘Madra’ received four stars from NME upon release: “Equally, while NewDad might not be as structurally inventive as the power-pop-indebted Hotline TNT or as heavy as the nu-gaze-leaning Fleshwater, they are perhaps more streamlined and together, which counts for plenty.

“‘Madra’ is the sound of a band who have reckoned with where they come from and used it to map out where they’re going. They’ll likely see you at the top.”

NME also profiled NewDad in December last year, where they spoke about how Just Mustard inspired them to get into music: “Watching Just Mustard perform was akin to an epiphany for us,” she says. “The Cure are the best band ever; to see some kids from a similarly rural part of Ireland open up for them was amazing. They got there through hard work and made us really want to go for it.”

In other news, NewDad were part of the wave of Irish bands who pulled out of SXSW due to the revelation that the US Army was a “super sponsor” of the music, film, culture and tech festival. Fefence contractor RTX (Raytheon), which has supplied weapons to Israel, was also found to have ties with SXSW.