NewJeans bring back the early-2000s in ‘Bubble Gum’ music video

K-pop girl group NewJeans have released a music video for their latest single ‘Bubble Gum’.

Released on April 26, ‘Bubble Gum’ marks the end of a nine-month hiatus for NewJeans. The music video features the quintet spending quality time with one another, teaching each other how to blow a bubblegum and playing by the beach as Hyein records everything on her camcorder.

“From its beginning to end, the clip captures the natural sides of the members, who blow bubble gum and play pranks on each other,” NewJeans’ label ADOR said of ‘Bubble Gum’ in a statement, per The Korea Times. “It is a song that’s easy to listen to.”


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‘Bubble Gum’ is one of two songs from NewJeans’ upcoming May single album ‘How Sweet’. The girl group will also release a Japanese single album called ‘Supernatural’ in June, followed by a world tour that is currently scheduled for 2025.

The release of ‘Bubble Gum’ comes amid a highly publicised battle between ADOR CEO Min Hee-jin and HYBE, which owns majority shares in the K-pop agency, over the ownership of the NewJeans label.


Last week, Min Hee-jin denied claims made by HYBE that the ADOR CEO had planned to takeover the K-pop agency in a press conference. Notably, the sweater worn by the music executive during the event sold out less than 24 hours later.

HYBE has since responded to claims made by Min in a statement, alleging that the ADOR CEO had “distorted the facts by mixing up the timeline”, while claiming that they “can refute all claims with evidence”.