Nils Frahm preps ‘Old Friends New Friends’ (listen to “All Numbers End”)

Having only recently released an album with F.S. Blum, Nils Frahm will soon be back with Old Friends New Friends on December 3 via LEITER. As the title hints at, this is a collection of rarities and previously unreleased track, all of which are solo piano compositions recorded between 2009 and 2021. Nils says it's “an anatomy of all my ways of thinking musically and playing," adding, "Maybe I could say it’s an album I worked on for twelve years, and finally I have enough material?”

The first released track from the album is the elegant, spare "All Numbers End" and you can listen to that below.

1. 4:33 (A Tribute to John Cage)
2. Late
3. Berduxa
4. Rain Take
5. Todo Nada
6. Weddinger Walzer
7. In The Making
8. Further In The Making
9. All Numbers End
10. The Idea Machine
11. Then Patterns
12. Corn
13. New Friend
14. Nils Has A New Piano
15. Acting
16. As A Reminder
17. Iced Wood
18. Strickleiter
19. The Chords
20. The Chords (Broken Down)
21. Forgetmenot
22. Restive
23. Old Friend