No Sad Faces: Ky Richy Talks Life And Truth In A New Full-Length Album

Ky Richy outshines himself with a powerful, emotionally-charged new album No Sad Faces. The artist shows once again, his determination and passion for real and raw hip-hop that hits all the pain points and then gives the listeners a glimmer of hope, and that is what old-school rap is all about!

Sharing stunning collabs with artists like Dee Dot Jones, Naj Ahngeaux, Jay Delaine, and James Duer, Ky Richy’s third album to date is a collection of his most heartfelt songs. Speaking on universal and also very intimate themes like life and death as well as his very own journey to success, the artist showcases incredible confidence, and it’s absolutely a blast to witness.

“I am very passionate about the world hearing my message because I think many people are lost, as I was, and losing the battle of addiction,” Ky Richy said, speaking about his art. “I suffered for many years but now have a strong understanding from both sides. Many people have come to me telling me my music has saved their lives and got them through very tough times and I can't wait to make more music to give my fans hope, now being at this point in my life.” Check out the album down below!

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