NOFX announce new LP ‘Double Album,’ share “Darby Crashing Your Party”

NOFX's 2021 album Single Album was called that because they had originally planned to put out a double album, but chiseled it down to one LP. However, the second half is now getting released on December 2 via Fat Wreck Chords and it's titled Double Album. Here's some background, via press release:

At this point in your career, why do a double album?

"I wish I knew," the fat one offers, almost confounded why anyone would ever ask him that question in the first place. "OK. I mean, we have a lot of records. I'm not sure how many, let's call it 15 with 10 more EPs and 65 7"s. I wanted to do a double album cuz there are no good ones out there. Pink Floyd's The Wall is about it. Quadrophenia is OK, I guess, if you're a Who fan. Definitely not [The Beatles'] White Album. I don't think anybody else has made good double albums. Certainly not Husker Du, Minutemen, or Smashing Pumpkins.

"I really like Single Album a lot, but the songs on Double Album aren't quite up to scratch. All these songs were recorded at the same time, except this one was finished two years later. I think it's a very enjoyable album, and maybe our funniest. I think it is what a lot of our fans will want to hear and it's a great side three and four for a double album. I accomplished my goal of making a solid double-album, but it just took a lot longer than I expected."

[...] "You have to laugh at everything," Mike reveals, "because the world is just falling apart and you have to have a good attitude not to take things seriously. So this is how I've always done it. I make people laugh every day. I usually do it in a self-deprecating way, it's just how I go through life: I have as much fun as I can. That's what life is—trying to find all the happiness you can. And spreading happiness. Which is what I feel like is supposed to be my job in life—spreading joy." The determination to continue making compelling music, keeping the bar high for punk, and doing the best thing for their punk-rock legacy, makes NOFX simply unstoppable. Double Album is filled with moods, tales, and tempos slightly faster than an ice-road trucker backsliding down a hill. What's their secret? Quite simply, NOFX isn't half-assing anything.

Mike laughs. "I full-ass everything. Literally."

The first single is cheekily titled "Darby Crashing Your Party," and it sounds like classic NOFX. Check it out below.

NOFX also have a few upcoming festival dates, including their own Punk In Drublic festival at Asbury Park's Stone Pony Summer Stage on October 2 with Descendents, Face to Face, Free The Witness, and School Drugs. Tickets are still on sale. All dates are listed below.

Fat Mike also recently said that NOFX will break up in 2023, but so far no concrete details on that.


1. Darby Crashing Your Party
2. My Favorite Enemy
3. Don't Count on Me
4. Johanna Constant Teen
5. Punk Rock Cliché
6. Fuck Day Six
7. Is It Too Soon if Time Is Relative?
8. Alcopollack
9. Three Against Me
10. Gone with the Heroined

NOFX -- 2022 Tour Dates
2 Oct 2022 in Asbury Park, NJ, US @ Punk In Drublic Fest - Stone Pony Summer Stage
2 Dec 2022 in Melbourne, Australia @ Good Things Festival 2022
3 Dec 2022 in Sydney, Australia @ Good Things Festival 2022
4 Dec 2022 in Brisbane, QLD, Australia @ Good Things Festival 2022