NoVone Releases A Wonderful New Track Titled “Feelings”

Gothenburg-based electronic music artist NoVone returns with a wonderful new track titled “feelings”, a follow up to his track “Seen Enough,” released earlier this year. The prolific artist first made the buzz with his debut release “Olympia” supported by Sander Van Doorn and released in 2020. 

NoVone transforms personal and relatable experiences effortlessly, turning them into soulfully strange electronic anthems powered by a unique vision in terms of production. 

His creativity can clearly be felt throughout his latest works, most of them enriched by sonics in which seemingly far apart genres merged effortlessly.  His music is simultaneously dark and inviting, nostalgic and hopeful, while elements of electro-house, progressive house and experimental textures complement each other brilliantly. He naturally strives to create his very own aesthetics, made of a complex layering of atmospheric vibes. 

“Feelings” is one more potential hit by NoVone to even further the prodigy’s ascension in the music world.