NY Gov Cuomo says they still don’t know when NYC music venues can reopen

New York City begins Phase 3 of reopening today which includes spas, tanning salons, hair salons, tattoo parlors and personal services, plus low risk youth sports, dog parks, basketball and tennis courts. It was supposed to include indoor dining in restaurants but that won't be allowed yet. At his daily briefing today, NY Gov Andrew Cuomo talked about what's next for NYC, expressing some concern about what the prolonged shutdown was doing to the city's culture and cultural institutions.

“You have businesses that can’t fully reopen. That is an economic problem for the city. You have to get restaurants up and running, you have to get concert halls up and running," Cuomo said. "What makes New York City New York City, the arts, the culture. When we’ll get that up and running, I don’t know," adding they were still looking at the data.

Broadway will officially stay closed through the rest of 2020, and movie theaters, which were to have been part of Phase 4, will stay closed till further notice.

Outside of NYC, the 2020 NY State Fair, which takes place in Syracuse, has been canceled which makes the first time since WWII that it has not been held.

Elsewhere in the world, the UK government is giving nearly $2 billion to save its arts/culture during COVID-19.