O.T. Genasis Apologizes To Keyshia Cole, Says He Was Just Joking

O.T. Genasis recently received backlash for comments he made about Keyshia Cole, and now he's saying he wants to end the beef.

The tension between and is growing. The rapper recently made a few crude remarks about the singer, and she bit back with a few scathing comments of her own. The ongoing verbal spat between these unlikely foes stemmed from O.T. Genasis giving his twist on Keyshia's hit classic "Love." After she came forward to say she didn't like his Crip-themed song "Never Knew," the rapper seemed to take the comments personally.

Keyshia's sister, after she saw what he said about her sister. The rapper later came forward to issue a post-and-delete apology because he claims that things are going too far. In a text image, O.T. wrote, "Look @keyshiacole I was really just jokin on dat IG LIVE SH*T..Pple screen record and blow it out of proportion.Make a n*gga really look thirsty I ain't trippin."

In the caption, the rapper added, "I just be playin wit u cuz u played wit me.i ain't trippin off you cuh! It's all just fun.I apologize if I was disrespectful..PS- Just don't disrespect me neither for yo n*gga have to carry yo weight." He ended his message with the hashtags, "#IMDONEWITTHIS #GETTINGOUTOFHAND." We wouldn't be surprised if sometime in the future we see these two shock everyone and link up on a single. Check out O.T. Genasis delivering his apology to Keyshia Cole below.