One of Jim Carrey’s Most Iconic Movies Will Stream Free on Tubi Next Month

The classic 1994 comedy The Mask starring Jim Carrey will be available to stream for free on Tubi starting on April 1, 2024. This is one of the most iconic titles on Tubi's list of new titles for the month of April, and it's definitely worth a watch for fans new and old. Tubi is free, so the only catch is that you'll have to create an account and watch some ads to get access.

The Mask is an adaptation of the Dark Horse Comics series by the same name, created by artist Doug Mahnke and writer John Arcudi. The screenplay was written by Mark Werb and directed by Chuck Russell, and Carrey starred alongside Peter Reigert, Peter Greene, Amy Yasbeck, Richard Jeni and Cameron Diaz. Carrey was the top choice for the role, but he was not yet a global superstar so he did not get A-list treatment on this project. This is considered to be one of the major stepping stones in making Carrey a household name.

Carrey plays a nice, down-trodden man named Stanley Ipkiss, who stumbles upon an old wooden mask that that contains a mischievous spirit. When Stanely puts the mask on, he gains some magical powers but also becomes more cold and cruel. While using his new abilities to take revenge some of his tormenters such as his landlady and his mechanic, Stanley gets embroiled in some organized crime drama. He needs to confront his own repressed desires in order to overcome his new alter ego before it gets him killed.

In general, the movie has a more lighthearted tone than the original comic books. The Mask was a superhero series with some major horror undertones, but the movie is closer to a comedy thanks in no small part to Carrey. The print version of Stanley Ipkiss is generally regarded as a villain.

The movie is one of Carrey's most beloved performances, and it will be available to anyone with an internet connection once it hits Tubi. Tubi is a completely ad-supported streaming service requiring no subscription. It offers a wide array of licensed TV shows and movies from various studios, all shown for free with commercial breaks. For many users, this still puts it ahead of cable since you can choose when to watch your program and not worry about recording it.

The Mask is currently streaming on FuboTV, and is available to rent or purchase on digital stores like Prime Video. It will be added to Tubi on Monday, April 1.