Ora the Molecule tells us about her Top 10 of 2021

Ora the Molecule, aka Norwegian-born art pop creator Nora Schjelderup, released her debut album, Human Safari, back in July via Mute. The record combines disco, new wave, and prog prog for an appealing, widescreen danceable sound. If you haven't checked out the album, you can listen below.

We've been asking artists for their Best of 2021 lists and here's Nora's. "I guess I've been drawn to what I would call therapeutic' music this year, as it's been a tough year," Nora tells us. "More so than other years, where I've been intrigued by more experimental and perhaps a bit rougher tunes." Her Top 10 includes music albums, a few EPs and one book.

Check out her Top 10 of 2021, including commentary on a few of the entries, below.


1. The Zenmenn - Enter the Zenmenn (album)
I discovered through my friend Ole (Olefonken) who had forced the local vinyl shop to fill the shelfs with the album. The album just feels like a warm embrace in the midst of this hell of a year. I love every single sound used.

2. Janko Nilovic & The Soul Surfers - Maze of Sounds (album)
I found this album just by being captivated by the art on the cover in a vinyl shop. I was already a fan of Janko Nilovic and his old stuff, so I was super surprised to find this new treasure.

3. Cloud Symphony - Shook (album)
I discovered Cloud Symphony this year through Spotify recommendations. I love the timelessness of the tunes and nostalgic melodies.

4. Helado Negro - Far In (album)
I've always been a fan. His music sounds so tender and caring to me. I'm also a big fan of his visual aesthetic - the big glittery furry creatures. They truly are what I envision hugging me while listening to the music.

5. Lewis OfMan - Dance Party (EP)

6. Eden Burns - Big Beat Manifesto Vol.IV (EP)

7. Floating Points, Pharoah Sanders, The London Symphony Orchestra - Promises (album)

8. Theodore Zeldin - "An Intimate History Of Humanity" (Book) (It's old, but I read it for the first time this year)
An Intimate History Of Humanity is a book I found at the library after I saw Theodore Zeldin doing a TED talk. He was speaking about human interconnectedness with an anthropological lens. He was speaking of a broad subject, but it felt so personal and directed straight to me. There was something about his stoic and gentle character that captured me. I really wanted to know the mind of this man. Besides him being an interesting character, I really love the title of the book. It's super ambitious, but very important to dig deeper into the history and premises of our interpersonal relationships.

9. Altin Gün - Yol (album)

10. Tenderlonious - Still Flute (album)