‘Past Lives’ Director Celine Song Took Her Talents To Laufey’s ‘Goddess’ Short Film, So Prepare To Cry

In early March, Laufey announced her forthcoming Bewitched: The Goddess Edition and released “Goddess,” which she described as “my most honest song yet.” Roughly one month later, Laufey has revealed her equally vulnerable “Goddess” short film. The video was directed by Past Lives (a Barack Obama favorite) director and writer Celine Song, who earned a 2024 Oscars nomination for Best Original Screenplay.

“It was so special to work with Celine on the ‘Goddess’ short film,” Laufey said in a statement. “She has such a clear vision with her work, which became immediately evident to me while watching Past Lives, and her ideas around ‘Goddess’ harmonized perfectly with the narrative of the song. There was immediately a shared understanding that made the partnership so seamless, and I feel so lucky to collaborate with someone whose work I admire so much.”

The five-minute short film stars Laufey opposite Will Gao (Heartstopper) and was filmed in Brooklyn, New York. To start, Laufey is peering longingly out of her apartment window. It appears to be the morning after, as we next see Laufey with Gao at dusk. They’re enjoying each other’s company in the city before going back to the apartment, where they get very intimate — and the cinematography beautifully reflects Laufey’s delicate vulnerability.

“Were you surprised by me?” Laufey sings. “When you took me home / When the glamor wore off / Reduced to skin and bone / I can’t even tell / Who you want to know / I’m a goddess on stage / And human when we’re alone.”

Laufey is seen with tears streaming down her face, and we return to her alone — looking out the window.

Bewitched: The Goddess Edition is due out on April 26 via AWAL. It’s a deluxe version of Laufey’s 2023 Grammy-winning album, Bewitched, and will include four new songs. Laufey is currently staging her Bewitched: The Goddess Tour. See all of her remaining dates here.

Watch the “Goddess” short film above.