Pip Blom discusses her favorite songs of 2021

Amsterdam's Pip Blom released their very good second album, Welcome Break, this year which found them further honing their classic indie rock sound, wrapping earworm hooks in equal parts jangle and distortion. If you haven't checked out the album, it recalls the '90s heyday of Liz Phair and Pavement and you can listen below.

We asked Pip, for whom the band is named, for her Top 10 of the year and she returned with a list of favorite songs. "I have to admit that I don’t listen to a lot of music in my day to day life," Pip told us. "And if I do I usually listen to a playlist with lots of songs by different artists. So instead of 10 albums I decided to pick: My Favorite songs of 2021." He list includes some of 2021's usual suspects as well as a few up-and-coming Dutch bands, and more. Read her list, complete with commentary, and listen to it in playlist form, below.

PIP BLOM - Favorite songs 2021 (in random order)

Sorry - "Cigarette Packet"
Sorry is one of my favorite bands of the last couple of years and this song is my absolute favorite by them. It’s so catchy, slightly out of tune, straight to the point: everything I want from a song. I’m not usually as keen on a cow bell, but the minute it hits in this song I want to use one on our album too.

Porridge Radio - "Born Confused"
I really love this song. I think the singing is so cool and feels very honest. It straight away grabs my attention and in combination with the great lyrics it’s just so good.

Bodega - "Doers"
When you really love a band, you’re always very excited for a new release. So when I saw there was a new Bodega song I listened to it straight away. It didn’t disappoint at all: you still recognize it’s a Bodega song, but somehow it’s got even more attitude then their previous work. Really cool, can’t wait for the album.

Snail Mail - "Madonna"
A song that’s pretty new. I first heard it on a live session they did and thought the song was a bit all over the place. Little did I know: it was so catchy that I couldn’t stop listening to it. It’s my most played song in 2021 (140 times, and I discovered the song 4 weeks ago..)

Personal Trainer - "Politics"
My favorite Dutch band at the moment. This song is an absolute gem. I love how danceable it is, it’s one of these songs that makes you feel sexy when listening to it. Def a song to request on every dance-floor.

Olivia Rodrigo - "Jealousy, Jealousy"
This song is so good to sing along with when you’re in the shower. It’s so catchy, it’s sassy and the build up is great.

Amyl And The Sniffers - "Guided By Angels"
I hadn’t listened a lot to Amyl and The Sniffers, but I saw this video and was mesmerized by the energy in this song. I think it’s really cool that with minimal changes in the instruments and singing it’s still so catchy. Would recommend listening to it in the gym/during sports activities :)

Private Banking - "Georgie"
A very new, Dutch band. I absolutely love the bits where the singer and bass player are both singing together. The combination of their voices melts my heart straight away.

Lil Nas X - "MONTERO"
Every time I hear this song I have to dance. Killer tune.

Yard Act - "Fixer Upper"
Very, very British band. If I would ever be able to write a lyric half as witty and smart I would be so happy. Really love it, great song.